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poems published on Buddhistdoor. 20 may 2021

i recently joined the regular writers at Buddhistdoor Teahouse. here are the poems i've had published there so far:

Moisture Pond life Moonsilver Festering feast The pigeon Different expectations

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poem. 6 march 2020

a man pulls a pair of shoes out of the rubbish bin and tries them on. they are too small but he wears them anyway.

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poem. 24 october 2019

magpie hops through frost-stiffened grass

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poem. 19 september 2019

solitary pigeon drinks water from roof gutter

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poem 4 april 2019

cacophony of sparrows red cedar sanctuary from driving wind

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poem 17 february 2019

seagull footprints in rooftop snow

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poem. 28 september 2018

silver light of moon standing in lake shallows a heron hunts

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poem. 30 july 2018

man asleep on sidewalk lit cigarette between fingers fallen ash jacket on fire scents of burning hair and plastic

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poem. 2 june 2018

crow pecks inside the rib cage of a rat

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poetry is what we live. 7 may 2018

robert frost said it best: “Poetry is a way of taking life by the throat.”

for me, poetry is about slowing down and seeing what is going on around you; of observing the impact of actions; of feeling the rawness of our lives.

the keen edges of john berryman’s words as he captures the egoless struggles of life. robert frost’s aching grasp of life lived honestly. william carlos williams’s frank observations of living. samuel beckett’s poetic minimalism sends me over the treetops. they, and many more not mentioned here, are all great teachers and friends.

i think of poetry more often than not. while i stopped at a corner of a blossom-covered street, i spied two young sparrows ripping leaves off a small plant. at a downtown square, a child chased pigeons into traffic where two were killed by cars. a woman walked down the street while talking on a cell phone erupted in laughter. i thought about the woman my grandmother used to be before alzheimer’s altered her brain. this is all poetry.

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