angry, tattooed monk

angry, tattooed monk

zen, photography, & the musings of an angry, tattooed monk

burden. 25 april 2020

a hut at the edge of a forest. it had no door and was dark on the inside.

i stepped into the hut to get out of the elements.

inside, i sat down on the floor, the entrance on my right.

something in the corner to my left had a halo glow. a staff with a three-pronged headpiece moved in the illuminated shadow.

it asked what dirt i brought inside.

"arrogance and impatience," i answered.

the clangor of bells and gongs filled the space.

something hot yet cold touched my forehead.

it said if i kept walking the dirt would wash away, that anger was water.

a scan of daishin's teacher chop

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