angry, tattooed monk

angry, tattooed monk

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photograph. 27 february 2023

[photo caption: three buildings, three street lamps. blue sky with clouds. single gull in flight. in foreground, first building whose exterior is painted stucco. facing wall is first painted in grey, then a rectangle of dark greenish-blue to cover graffiti, top third is cream dirtied by elements. a doorway is covered with a piece of plywood. streetlamp near the building has anti-climb mesh to keep people from climbing up onto the building's roof. second streetlamp sits behind first building; all that can be seen of it is its top half. second building sits behind first. top of a new build in red brick peeks over the roofline of the first building. third building, a tenenment, is in to the left in the background. streetlamp in front of it.]

a scan of daishin's teacher chop

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