online meditation meeting. 26 august 2021

slice of wood showing tree rings with dried flowers and piece of dried grass with a seed head sitting atop it

a necessary component of zen buddhist practice, for any contemplative practice really, is sangha — community. with the pandemic still raging and many zen centers and temples closed, we need community all the more.

i will host an online meditation period on mondays — no dharma talk, no conversation; just meditation together — at 5 a.m. scottish time.

the video conferencing application used is Jitsi Meet, an open source and ethical application (no tracking or mining of user's data) that works across multiple platforms. also, no account creation is needed to use the service, just the app or a web link.

the first meeting will take place on august 30th. here is the meeting link. as this is an inclusive and active meditation period, please enable the camera.

if you have questions, send me an email.



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